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E Komo Mai ("Welcome") to Ohana Counseling Center in Marysville, WA

We are a group of independent counselors who have chosen to work together in support of those seeking therapy.  Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family, which is something we all have in common. Like each member of a family, our counselors work differently and have distinct personalities. Collectively we strive to embody a holistic approach that promotes a client’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health. Our hope is that our clients can apply and integrate the benefits of counseling into their daily lives in ways that enhance their overall well being.


We realize that entering a counselor's office takes courage. We've created a safe, respectful environment where you can feel cared for and accepted. Our group of independent counselors invites you to enter Ohana Counseling Center just as you are. Browse our counselor's bio’s for details, contact info. and to verify what insurance they take to determine who might be the best fit for you. Research has shown that the most effective tool in successful counseling work is the relationship between you and your counselor, so it is important that you find someone who you connect with and trust.


Some of the valuable reasons to work with a counselor include:

  • Learning coping skills, conflict resolution and problem-solving strategies

  • Addressing issues of anxiety, depression, anger, loss,  and grief

  • Understanding and improving interpersonal relationships

  • Processing family or work issues

  • Identifying and overcoming addictive behavior and patterns

  • Cultivating mindfulness for stress relief

  • Modifying behavior & thought patterns and implementing life goals

  • Recognizing and redefining the barriers to success

  • Improving self esteem and cultivating self compassion

  • Working through trauma without reliving past hurts

  • Healing somatic issues (the negative impact stress, anxiety & depression have on our bodies)

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